29 September 2015

Special issue of IFLA Journal on Cultural Heritage

We are very happy to present the newest edition of the IFLA Journal which is entirely dedicated to Cultural Heritage. The edition was edited by Douwe Drijfhout (Preservation and Conservation Centre for English Speaking Africa) and Tanja de Boer (Preservation and Conservation Section). 

This special issue aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of Cultural Heritage preservation and highlights case studies and practices from within the cultural heritage community and context. In particular, the main goal of this issue is to gather interdisciplinary and inter-professional research on Cultural Heritage in African libraries, but not excluding other continents. It looks at the use of new technologies in protecting, restoring, and preserving Cultural Heritage as well the use of digitization, documentation, and preventive conservation to make Cultural Heritage content accessible. Next to this the impact of natural disasters and conflict on preserving Cultural Heritage(African case studies) is dicussed. 

Download the full issue [English – PDF]

Cultural heritage, Preservation

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