4 August 2015

Launch of new open access health sciences research repository for Africa

By Brian Galvin

New repository

BioMed Central, open access publishers and creators of the Open Repository system, and Partnerships for Health Information (PHI) will launch this new repository during the Health and Biosciences Libraries section open session during the 2015 WLIC in Cape Town, South Africa. This Biomed Central and PHI initiative, supported by the HBL section and IFLA FAIFE, is an important boost for those working to create, disseminate and use research-based knowledge in the African health sector. 

This initiative will support the development of national and institutional repositories enabling access to health information for health professionals and researchers, governmental departments, institutions, librarians and others within the country.

Please join us in Auditorium 2 at noon on Thursday 20 August to learn more about this exciting development and celebrate this important contribution to health information in Africa.  Following the launch we will provide a link to the new repository and inform you about the progress of this project through the HBL section’s web page.

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