10 February 2015

Call for papers - Health and Biosciences Libraries Open Session

By Brian Galvin

Theme of the open session

Career-long learning for the health information professional:  educating, training and retooling for the changing health environment

A consistent theme at conferences and other events where health librarians gather is the continual expansion of the profession into new fields.  As health policy makers seek every greater efficiency and demonstrable value to patient care, librarians have had to imagine and then realise an information world where they move as easily between the ward and seminar room as they used to move between the reference desk and the cataloguing office.  We have adapted well to the transformative change of the information revolution, and have shown the capacity for the type of systems thinking required to work in new collaborative projects such as research synthesis, research data management and health informatics.  The continual fragmentation of courses and coalescing of subjects in universities poses particular challenges and opportunities to those working in an academic environment. 

While librarians have always been managers, new competencies and soft skills are needed to assert our place in an increasingly collaborative work environment.  This session will examine how the educational infrastructure supporting the education, training and career development of health librarians is changing and the role librarians themselves have in ensuring that it is fit for purpose for the rapidly changing environments in which we work.

Proposals for joint open session

We are interested in proposals which contribute to our understanding of education and training for health librarians and may address one of the following themes:

  • How have the educational institutions which have traditionally provided the undergraduate and graduate courses in librarianship responded to specific requirements of work in health information?
  • Is fragmentation in library education inevitable as the academy adapts to the demands for increasingly specialised information professionals?
  • How does the education experience of those who graduate from specialist health library courses differ from those pursuing a more general library curriculum?
  • Are universities providing the support for the specific continuing professional development of the health librarian?
  • How has library education benefited from developments in e-learning and the growth of the MOOC phenomenon?

Submission Guidelines
The proposals must be submitted in an electronic format and must contain:

  • Title of paper
  • Summary of paper (250 - 350 words maximum)
  • Speaker's name, address, telephone and fax numbers, professional affiliation, email address and biographical note (40 words)

Important dates

Friday March 6th  2015: Deadline for submission of abstract
Thursday March 27th 2015: Notification of acceptance/rejection
Friday June 5th  2015: Deadline for submission of text

Submissions should be sent by email to: bgalvin@hrb.ie  before Friday March 6th  2015

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