26 January 2015

Call for Papers School Libraries Section and Health and Biosciences Libraries Section

By Brian Galvin

Theme: Well-being: School libraries and health libraries working for access, development and transformation

This 2-hour Open Session is jointly sponsored by the School Libraries section and the Health and Biosciences Libraries section.

The concept of well-being informs the work of the school librarian and the health/medical librarian and is key to public health policy and health promotion. Both health librarians and school librarians serve their clientele by gathering and disseminating information about health and by collaborating with subject experts to educate their clientele. In both environments, the capacity to frame a question and find and appraise evidence to answer this question is central to knowledge development in the health area, using approaches such as ‘inquiry-based learning’ and ‘problem-based learning.’

See the IFLA WLIC 2015 website for complete information.

Health and Biosciences Libraries

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