8 December 2014

Cape Town 2015: Call for Papers from Library Buildings and Equipment Section

By Jeffrey A Scherer, AIA


Architecture can open up new perspectives into sites and situations. Library buildings are able to speak to us in their own unique way for experiences that are both private and public, personal yet collective. The use of a library is not only dependent on the functional requirements and their relation to space, but also on the representational aspects of a building and the sense of spaces it conveys to its visitors. At the same time emerging new technologies and collaborative learning and research environments act increasingly on learning, reading and research. Library architecture has thus to find solutions to evoke the sensibilities of the users to the spaces around them.

The Library buildings and Equipment Section is looking for case studies, plans or visionary sketches that identify trends, highlight the shape, design and atmosphere of current best-practice and future library architecture and spaces.

Please see the full Call for Papers on the IFLA WLIC 2015 website.

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