IFLA ILP: Project 5: Models for regional collaboration for strengthening advocacy and the profession

Project 5: Models for Regional Collaboration for Strengthening Advocacy and the Profession


IFLA has been engaged in a number of capacity building activities to strengthen the voice of the profession internationally, regionally and locally. Strategies to sustain advocacy, develop leaders and promote collaboration are a major outcome of the IFLA International Leaders Programme. This project will seek to develop research about strategies that work at the regional level utilizing the expertise and networks of all leadership participants.

Reports and deliverables

Role of project participants

  • Report on models for collaboration in the library sector and in other sectors that work at the regional level
  • Participate in research on the topic
  • Collaborate with IFLA HQ to undertake research, interviews, and evidence collection at the regional and local level

Expected outcomes for IFLA and participants


  • Share expertise about strategies that work at the regional level
  • Develop knowledge of strategies for collaboration beyond the library sector
  • Gain experience in carrying out primary research and preparing research briefings


  • Enhanced understanding successful strategies at the regional level for implementation in existing and future projects

LDP (Library Development Programme), IFLA International Leaders Programme, leadership, Advocacy, regions

Last update: 5 December 2017