19 March 2014

Health and Bioscience Libraries - Satellite Meeting 2014 - Call for papers - WLIC 2014 Lyon

By Brian Galvin

Theme: Health librarians and the changing information landscape"

Location: Université Claude Bernard Lyon
Date: Friday 15th August 2014

The capacity of new data analytical tools and services to interrogate massive datasets presents both opportunities and challenges for health services. It is a relatively new challenge for librarians but in facing it they can learn from their experience in adapting to enormous changes in information production, management and distribution over the past couple of decades.  This experience has not only changed the profession itself but has helped to alter the way knowledge is created and used across the health sector.  Librarians’ ability to harness the potential of online resources has been crucial to the development of evidence based medicine. 

We invite you to submit a proposal relevant to the theme and which may cover one of the following topics:

  • To what extent is health science librarianship integrating with the field of health informatics?
  • As health librarians’ role in managing data increases, will there be a profound shift in their role profile?
  • As the function of print material repositories diminishes what implications does this have for the library space?
  • Will some information management tasks become redundant as health service decision making becomes more reliant on interrogation of massive datasets?
  • How will the need for more knowledge on health informatics and new data analytical tools change health librarians’ training and education

Submit proposals electronically no later than Friday 25 April, 2014 to  bgalvin@hrb.ie

Please find the complete information here.

Health and Biosciences Libraries, France

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