8 January 2014

Call for papers: IFLA WLIC 2014

Theme: LIS education in developing countries for strong libraries and strong societies

Development of strong societies is grounded on strong libraries providing library and information services that meet information needs of members from diverse communities they serve, children, youth, women, citizens, scholars. Likewise, it is necessary that strong libraries relay on librarians owning suitable knowledge and skills to play a successful role in the new libraries and information settings, but without neglecting the local characteristics of their communities. 

LIS Education in Developing Countries Special Interest Group (SIG) for the past years has provided a forum of collaboration, providing valuable opportunities to share information, generate initiatives and explore common ground for achieving their goals and aspirations. In this time, LIS educators from developing countries would share experiences about how to educate librarians able to build strong libraries supporting strong societies development.

See the full call for papers on the WLIC 2014 website.

LIS Education in Developing Countries, France

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