IFLA ILP: Project 2: Open Access


In 2010 IFLA became a formal signatory to the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities. At the same time, an IFLA Presidential Working Group prepared an official IFLA statement on open access which was formally endorsed by the IFLA Governing Board on April 18th 2011. The statement mandated the creation of an Open Access taskforce with the following objectives:

  • Advocate for the adoption and promotion of open access policies within the framework of the United Nations institutions (UN, UNESCO, WHO, FAO)
  • Connect to the various organizations working for Open Access
  • Provide draft responses on relevant consultations within the field
  • Build Capacity within the IFLA member organizations by developing case studies and best practice to support advocacy for open access
  • Promote open access with the support of divisions, groups and sections within IFLA. 

Reports and Deliverables

Project Outcomes


  • The participant will get to work and collaborate with senior LIS experts on open access, and gain an understanding of how to effectively advocate for open access policies
  • The participant will develop an understanding of current state of open access at an international institutional level, and the international landscape in which advocacy for open access can take place
  • The participant will gain experience in producing supporting materials that can be used for advocacy at national and international levels.
  • The participant will gain experience of presenting in high-level meetings, and advocating to government officials in support of agreed policy positions.


  • IFLA will gain added capacity and expertise in support of its work on open access, and an advocate for its positions at a national level.
  • IFLA will benefit by being able to draw upon the increased expertise of the participant in future advocacy situations relating to libraries and open access.

LDP (Library Development Programme), ALP (Action for Development through Libraries Programme), Advocacy, Collaboration, IFLA International Leaders Programme, leadership, Open access

Last update: 1 August 2014