11 August 2012

Two extra ENSULIB SIG activities in Helsinki 2012, besides Open Session!

By Veerle Minner Van Neygen, Leila Sonnkanen, Harri Sahavirta

ENSULIB Workshop at Pasila Library - Helsinki 2012

Monday 13, 13:45 - 17:45  

This off-site workshop, across the street form the Conference venue is open to all IFLA participants who wish to volunteer (even if only for the duration of the Workshop) in the Environmental Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group.  The reward? ...feeling good! (The SIG will also publish the names - of those who wish so - on the SIG's page and social media). 

The format will be flexible, with several open small groups set up to work in parallel on different projects. Volunteers are free to drop in and sign up at any moment during the workshop and participate as long (or as briefly) as they wish.  Signing up in advance by sending an email to the ENSULIB mailing list is possible, just in case the place fills up. Computers will be available, as well as Wi-Fi for people's laptops. 

Workshop schedule

13:45 Welcome and introduction

14:00 - 15:45 Climate Reality and challenges for libraries. A/V presentation and debate.

15:45 - 17:45 Working on projects of the ENSULIB SIG 


What volunteers can work on may include among other:

  • Discussing, compiling, organizing and editing a checklist of green, sustainable  best practices for libraries and documentation centers (eventually to become the starting point for IFLA guidelines). 
  • Compiling a list of "green" certifying organizations (whether it be of buildings or of management practices or other). 
  • Translating IFLA ENSULIB papers, other ENSULIB texts, other relevant "green" texts into any of the IFLA official languages. 
  • Devising a proposal for an "action plan" (or something to that effect) for environmental education applicable in libraries. -
  • Starting and feeding the ENSULIB blog 
  • Tweeting and broadcasting on other social media. 
  • Collecting and tagging links to relevant resources, in a social bookmarking service. 
  • Opening and feeding a Slideshare, a flickr and even a Youtube account with presentation,images & videos on relevant subjects.  These should later be moved to the assets section of our IFLA webpage.  There could be two categories: materials for librarians and materials for patrons. 
  • Sharing and debating sustainable experiences, recording them briefly for sending them to our mailing lists. 
  • Starting a Newsletter.    

ENSULIB Green Evening at Vallila Library 


Trams 7A and 7B form the Conference Center – 10 minutes ride. 

Not everything is work -  Green librarians also like to have a good time! 

Monday 13th August Library Jazz  (6 pm. – 7.30 pm)

Open to all (library patrons and IFLA participants) 

Nieminen & Litmanen Band is a duo with only Hammond organs and drums who play  Scandinavian Action Jazz. Their music is very hard to categorise but it’s definitely Scandinavian, it’s Action and it surely is Jazz. Come and hear! 

Get Together: Green librarians, (8 pm. – 9 pm.)Are you interested in environmental sustainability and would like to meet other ”green librarians”? If so, you are welcome to our informal Get Together after Library Jazz.  (For librarians and other green IFLA participants.)  

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