25 July 2012

Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Open Session

We've got some really interesting speakers lined up this year, offering a truly global perspective of innovation in resource sharing. We look forward to seeing you in Helsinki!

Session 79 — Innovation in resource sharing: new methods, new technologies — Document Delivery and Resource Sharing

12 August 2012 13:45 - 15:45 | Room: Session Room 5

  • Tackling the Big Deal head on: the experience of UK higher education in 2011
    MIKE MCGRATH (United Kingdom)
  • Subito: our classical document delivery service for researchers and libraries
    TRAUTE BRAUN-GORGON (Subito, Berlin, Germany)
  • Exploring the way of SaaS-based resource sharing services
    XIAOXIA YAO (CALIS - China Academic Library and Information System, Beijing, China)
  • National Content Consortium (NCC): practical experiences in Iranian resource sharing
    AZADEH HEIDARI and LEILA NEMATI ANARARKI (Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran)
  • The road to the digital resources sharing: cases of the Cultural Information Resources Sharing Project of China
    WU XIAO (National Cultural Information Resources Management Center of China, Beijing, China)
  • The current state of resource sharing in Mexico
    DANIEL MATTES DURRETT (Universidad Anáhuac México Norte, Mexico)

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