5 November 2012

Call for Proposals: Intergenerational Literacies: texto⇔techno

The IFLA Literacy and Reading and Information Literacy Sections are seeking proposals for  a joint programme to be held at the IFLA Conference in Singapore in August 2013.

Theme: Programme: Intergenerational Literacies: texto⇔techno

The challenge of new information and learning landscape can lead to all sorts of information gaps. One of them is a gap between texto and techno generations which can cause intergenerational isolation and separation. The program will showcase innovative and effective library programmes that intend to bridge this gap.

Proposals are requested for as many as ten tabletop presentations which will be given simultaneously. After an opening plenary keynote address, audience members will rotate to three different fifteen-minute presentations of their choice.  Presenters will therefore be asked to repeat their presentation three times for three different sets of people.

Complete information—including submission guidelines—is available on the WLIC 2013 website.

Literacy and Reading, intergenerational literacies

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