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Libraries Can't Get Enough eBooks; an Interview with Sharon Day, Edmonton Public Library

IFLA has interviewed Sharon Day, speaking on behalf of a campaign in Canada to boost the availability - and affordability - of eBooks for libraries. The goal - to ensure that Canada's libraries can fulfil their mission of giving readers maximum possible access to knowledge and culture.

15 January 2019 | CLM (Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters), Access to information, eBooks, eLending, eLending for Libraries, Canada

Deal on eLending in the Netherlands: Interview with the Dutch Public Library Association

Following extensive discussions, libraries in the Netherlands have come to an agreement with publishers and others about eBook availability in the country. We interviewed Francien van Bohemen, Deputy Director of the Dutch Public Library Association, to find out more about the deal.

31 October 2018 | CLM (Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters), Access to information, Copyright, eBooks, eLending, eLending for Libraries, Netherlands

Give eBooks a Chance

With better suited legislation and business practices, eBooks can continue to play a major role in promoting access to, and enjoyment of, ideas and knowledge.

28 February 2018 | eBooks, eLending, eLending for Libraries

Literacy and a Love of Reading Boosted by European Judges’ eBook Decision

Libraries play a crucial role in bringing people to reading. From children’s books to the latest thrillers, they are the safety value in the copyright system that prevents access to culture being the preserve of the better off. But eLending has been surrounded by legal uncertainty for many years. Today, European judges decided that eBooks could indeed be treated as books, but further analysis of the decision will be necessary to understand its implications and limits.

10 November 2016 | CLM (Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters), Access to information, Copyright, E-Learning, Europe

eBooks – a Step Forward

With eBooks becoming an ever more normal way of reading, it is high time that the law caught up with reality. IFLA therefore welcomes the Opinion of the Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union on eLending.

16 June 2016 | CLM (Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters), elending, Ebooks, Public Libraries

IFLA Statement on Public Lending Right Updated to Include eBooks

On 9 December 2015, IFLA’s Governing Board approved an updated Statement on Public Lending Right (PLR) including a new section on eBooks. The updated statement identifies the complexities of considering PLR for eBooks, reinforces the need to involve libraries when considering changes to PLR programs to incorporate digital content, incorporates additional considerations for developing countries, and updates legal references from the 2005 statement.

1 February 2016

IFLA launches the 2014 eLending Background Paper

The eLending environment for libraries around the world continues to change at a rapid pace

30 July 2014 | elending

EBLIDA highlights “The Right to e-Read” on World Book and Copyright Day

The Right to e-Read Coinciding with today's United Nations’ World Book Day and World Copyright Day, the European Bureau of Library Information and Documentation Associations (EBLIDA) is rallying the European community to its “Right to e-Read” campaign.

23 April 2014 | Access to information, Access to knowledge, Copyright, World Copyright Day

Folding shelves - The Economist publishes article on Elending

In late March, The Economist published an article on the Elending and Public Libraries.

25 March 2013 | Access to information, Access to knowledge, Advocacy, Copyright, , The Economist

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