Presidential Elections 2013-2015

Statement of Candidacy for IFLA President-elect

To serve as President 2015-2017

Donna Scheeder (United States)

Donna Scheeder Deputy Chief Information Officer
Congressional Research Service
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave. S.E.
Washington D.C., 20546
United States
   Tel +(1)(202)707 8939

Theme: A Strong IFLA to Lead, Promote, and Empower Libraries in Society

IFLA has made great strides toward achieving its vision of being the trusted global voice of the library and information community.  As president-elect and president of IFLA, I will lead and promote ongoing initiatives that further this vision: empowering all libraries to enable their user communities to have equitable access to information; transforming the profile and standing of the profession; and representing the interests of IFLA’s members and their constituencies throughout the world.

To advance these initiatives, I will stand for:

  1. A strong advocacy program,
  2. High-quality programs and services,
  3. Inclusiveness and transparency,
  4. Ensuring that IFLA has a strong financial base
  5. Continued excellent leadership at headquarters.

A strong advocacy program is critical to driving access to content. Such a program will benefit library users by supporting and leading on policies such as copyright exceptions for libraries and open access.

High-quality programs and services for IFLA members are also essential to success. Initiatives such as the Building Strong Library Associations program strengthens the ability of associations, libraries and the profession to advocate for equitable access to information in their own regions.

A high degree of membership participation and engagement is critical to build an even stronger association.  IFLA’s efforts to be truly multilingual are important steps toward increasing member participation, and I will lead the continuation of these efforts.  In addition, I will lead efforts to make IFLA’s decision-making bodies and processes more open and transparent.

Finally, having served as the IFLA treasurer, I fully understand that IFLA cannot achieve its goals without a strong financial base and continued strong leadership at headquarters.

I believe these are priorities that we all share.  Please help me advance them by giving me your support for president.

Donna Scheeder


Last update: 16 January 2017