Governing Board Elections 2013-2015

Statement of Candidacy

For the position of Governing Board Member 2013-2015

Loida Garcia-Febo (United States)

Loida Garcia-FeboPresident
Information New Wave
PO Box 90789
BROOKLYN New York 11209
United States
Tel. +(1)(646)4706190

Access to information saves lives. By working together in partnership with policymakers, funders and allies, libraries advance important issues including: civic development, open access, inclusion for all members of our diverse communities, fostering democracy and civically engaged societies. These have been my goals since I started serving IFLA in 2003.

I have worked towards meeting these goals in three main ways: first, by founding IFLA New Professionals SIG (Special Interest Group), the first global forum for LIS students and new librarians, second, as Secretary and Expert Resource Person at FAIFE training librarians in various continents to promote free access to information and freedom of expression, and third, with CPDWL coordinating opportunities for membership participation via new worldwide online programming through a partnership between IFLA and ALA.

I vow to dedicate my energy and passion to work with the IFLA Governing Board and the membership to:

  • Advocate for freedom of expression and equal, open access to e-content and global initiatives involving copyright related rights.
  • Meet the needs of multicultural and multilingual populations and foster development of civic societies.
  • Engage and increase membership through technological innovation and participation.
  • Expand opportunities for new librarians to get involved in the association’s work and equip them to succeed professionally.
  • Maximize current resources and secure new ones to strengthen IFLA’s finances to support its programs and services.

Strengthening relationships with partners to continue strategizing initiatives to further IFLA’s mission is key. Hence, I strongly support continued work with our allies including WSIS, UNESCO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Blue Shield.

My professional experience in academic, public and school libraries, leadership roles in associations, and contributions to global projects confirm my ability to continue strategizing to develop strong libraries for equal and innovative societies. If elected, I will expand this work as member of IFLA Governing Board.

I am committed to making IFLA’s voice heard by collaborating with partners, members, and our incoming President Sinikka Sipilä. I ask for your support.

Loida Garcia-Febo


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