Governing Board Elections 2013-2015

Statement of Candidacy

For the position of Governing Board Member 2013-2015

Wei Dawei (China)

Wei Dawei

Deputy Director
National Library of China
33 Zhongguancun Nandajie

I have kept strong interest in IFLA and its great work, my first direct involvement with IFLA was in 2007, when I started to be a standing committee member of IFLA Information Technology section. I have got enthusiastic about the goals and the work of IFLA. Working together with IFLA colleagues give me a thorough understanding the IFLA behind the scene, and inspired me to work for IFLA and for the improvement of global librarianship. I believe that working for IFLA represents an excellent opportunity for all colleagues to participate in the global development, to strengthen professional work and provide the better service for all citizens in the earth village.

Deciding to run for the Governing Board, I take it as an opportunity to tie Chinese libraries with the libraries around the world more closely, to push the deeper involvement in the development of information society, to take part in more active discussion about the key issues on the sustainable development of libraries, such as digital divide, digital preservation, long-distance service, e-learning, copyright, open access in the changing environment.

In recent years, I have devoted to pushing the development of digital library, studying digital library standards, developing collaborations network in China. I have been active in international affairs and organized a number of international conferences on various issues of digital library.

In the time when co-operation and collaboration are needed more than ever before, I fully understand the importance of promoting professional exchanges among various nations and languages. I will make endeavors to build an open forum, on which our colleagues all over the world can freely express their ideas and opinions. It is my strong wish and will be my greatest honor to serve IFLA as the member of Governing Board of IFLA 2013-2015.

Wei Dawei


Last update: 4 February 2016