Governing Board Elections 2013-2015

Statement of Candidacy

For the position of Governing Board Member 2013-2015

Ngian Lek Choh (Singapore)

Ngian Lek Choh Deputy Chief Executive and Director National Library
National Library Board of Singapore
National Library Singapore
100 Victoria Street#14-01
National Library Building
Tel. + (65) 63323600

I am honored to be nominated for a place on the Governing Board. Should I be elected, I will work with the Board, Divisions and Sections to spread IFLA’s message on the critical importance of libraries for personal and national development.

I share IFLA’s conviction that all users deserve equitable access to information, regardless of cultures, languages and backgrounds. I strongly support the Presidential theme: Libraries, a Force for Change! as I firmly believe that libraries do change lives.

Over the past 16 years, my participation in the IFLA Public Libraries and National Library Sections, and regularly speaking at IFLA conferences equipped me with a deeper understanding of IFLA’s work. I am deeply touched and inspired by the passion, commitment and dedication of IFLA members and librarians in advocacy work, and want to contribute to this movement.

As users turn increasingly to the Internet and mobile devices for access to information, librarians need to build a more user-friendly digital environment where information is conveniently and freely available to all, under user-centred copyright conditions. Through experience, I know that content use and re-use are critically important in improving lives for the individual and bringing about a better world. Users want and need to use libraries and its services. It is our responsibility to create the right environment and delivery channels for users to maximize thebenefits libraries offer.

I am committed to increase IFLA outreach and membership via the platforms I am involved in –Vice-Chair of CDNL, member of the Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians Executive Board, and Deputy Chief Executive of NLB. I will also use regional conferences, workshops, and the IFLA Regional Office for Asia and Oceania hosted by NLB to promote IFLA.

I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to IFLA and the international library community.

Ngian Lek Choh


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