Governing Board Elections 2013-2015

Statement of Candidacy

For the position of Governing Board Member 2013-2015

Ingrid Bon (Netherlands)

Ingrid Bon  Consultant library services for children and young adults
  and reading promotion Biblioservice Gelderland
  Zeelandsingel 40
  6845 BH Arnhem
  Tel. +(31)(26)3860233


As IFLA is the leading international body representing the interest of library and information services and their users, I consider it an honor to have been serving as a Governing Board member for the past 2 year. 

The focus has been on the 5 key initiatives but key initiative 2 on International Leadership and 5 on Multilingualism have been part of my particular attention. As a member of the Dutch network of public libraries the value of strong Library Associations is well-known to me. I would like to continue on working on all 5 key initiatives for 2 more years and, since IFLA’s strategic plan

2010-2015 ends in 2015, the next Governing Board will be working on a new plan. By bringing my experience of the last 2 years I offer my knowledge in the upcoming process of reviewing the Strategic Plan.

IFLA’s website is a showcase of information and knowledge sharing and by transforming it into a true multilingual website it provides access to a worldwide community of library professionals. The possibility to have access to professional information in the 7 official languages will be an opportunity for librarians and a necessary tool in order to let the membership number of IFLA grow. Multilingualism and multiculturalism are a natural focus point to me and I am familiar with the Latin American culture. My experience as secretary and chair of the Section Libraries for children and young adults give me a broad view on different topics within the worldwide field of public libraries.

As a member of Governing Board it is my wish to serve and support the incoming IFLA President and President-elect on their programme.

Ingrid Bon


Last update: 4 February 2016