About the Linked Data Special Interest Group

Since its premises, the Semantic Web has always raised a strong interest within the library community. Now that libraries have fully entered the Web 2.0, they are facing a new challenge as they are seeking to play a major role in the Web value chain, by empowering their services in the user's flow and making their data work stronger, in a more accessible and reusable way.

Semantic Web technologies open valuable opportunities for the development of these objectives, by creating appropriate data models that will be the next generation of library metadata formats, leveraging new technologies for innovative library systems, or making high-quality level data such as authority data or thesauri available to a wider community.

However, these opportunities are still only known to a smaller community of technically experienced librarians, and the strategic importance of these topics to the library community in general has to be demonstrated. Technologies and data models are still at an immature stage, and the creation of a community of interests among professionals will be needed in order to develop and mainstream them.

Therefore the Linked Data Special Interest Group intends to be the platform where interested professionals could gather, and undertake whatever tasks are needed to develop, enhance and facilitate the adoption of semantic Web technologies in the library community.

Goals of the Linked Data SIG

  • to foster collaboration between the Cataloguing, Classification and Indexing, Information Technology and Knowledge Management sections and other interested IFLA members and to be an open place to discuss subjects related to the topic Semantic Web and libraries, elaborate standards and guidelines and contribute to any other relevant work within and outside IFLA;
  • to strengthen and transform the professional knowledge of libraries in the Semantic Web area by providing education and information to IFLA professionals, thus contributing to IFLA's strategic plan for 2010-2015; to raise awareness among the library community about the relevance and potential of Semantic Web technologies for libraries and to provide training and workshops in order to improve the librarians’ know-how in this area;
  • to market the libraries' knowledge and know-how to other communities, seeking convergence with other cultural heritage organizations and with the actors of the Web at large, thus acting as the global voice of libraries in this field.

In order to reach these goals, the Linked Data SIG will:

  • organize and promote events during the IFLA Congresses (Linked Data SIG sessions, satellite meetings, training workshops, social events);
  • monitor ongoing projects (standards, tools, techniques) within or outside IFLA, and provide up-to-date information and reports using IFLA information and communication channels;
  • organize specific task groups to undertake new actions when needed;
  • bring together a community of professionals using appropriate online tools (mailing list, facebook group, twitter...).

If you are interested in joining the group or receiving information about its activities, please join our mailing list or contact the convenor.

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Last update: 18 January 2018

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