About the Latin America and the Caribbean Section


The general objective of the Section is to encourage activities related to access to information and knowledge. The Section gives priority to promotion of literacy, promotion of reading, and application of new technologies, as well as to the services of libraries and information centres in the region. The Section maintains close relationships of mutual support and exchange with all the professional groups of IFLA, acting as intermediaries for those groups when they develop activities and projects for the region, and especially with the ALP Core Programme.

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Mailing Lists


English: This Mailing List is an open list for librarians and others interested in discussing the issues of the Region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Español: Lista de correo abierta para discutir los temas de la Región de América Latina y El Caribe, para miembros de la Sección y para público en general.


English: Mailing List of the Standing Committee Members of the Section Latin America and the Caribbean.

Español: Lista cerrada para los miembros del Comité Permanente de IFLA para America Latina y El Caribe.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Last update: 11 May 2018