Continuing professional education for the information society (2002)

por Patricia Layzell Ward (Ed.)

Series: IFLA Publications Series 100
Publisher: Munich: K.G. Saur Verlag, 2002

In the "information society" first qualifications provide no more than a starting point in professional life. The IFLA continuing professional courses reflect the increasing importance of life-long education.

The proceedings of the 5th world conference of the Continuing Professional Development Round Table (CPERT) which was held in Aberdeen, Scotland in August 2002, provide a valuable and ongoing record of trends in the development of continuing professional development programs in the library and information professions.

Continuing Professional Education for the Information Society
The Fifth World Conference on Continuing Professional Education for the Library and Information Science Professions
Patricia Layzell Ward (Ed.)
München: 2002, 263 p.
(IFLA Publications; Nr 100)
(EUR 98/IFLA Members EUR 73.50)
ISBN 10 : 3-598-21830-3

Satellite Meeting papers/presentations, Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning

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